(この減災マップ及びWebサイトは、文部科学省科学研究基盤研究(B) 大規模自然災害に備えた地方大学による地域住民支援システムの構築(研究代表者 高知県立大学 山田覚,分担研究者 神原咲子)の結果に基づき作成しています。)



Kochi Prefecture has been promoting tourism to bring in international travelers. Yet, there is a potential danger of tsunami from Nankai Trough earthquake.  For foreign travelers who may become vulnerable in the event of a disaster, University of Kochi has been investigating barrier free information model with a focus on health crisis for foreign residents and tourists


The disaster mitigation map and website is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science under the grant category of research infrastructure Research (B), entitled “Construction of Community People Support System by Local University for Mega Natural Disaster (Principal investigator, Satoru Yamada, University of Kochi). 

Worldwide Solution


Anytime! は 政府や人々が探していた明確でわかりやすい解決策として、 言語や国籍や場所の多様性への対応をシンプルにし、世界中で自発的な助けあいを推進します。


Simplify correspondence by setting the language, nationality, and place for your communication purposes. Clear and easy-to-understand solutions which government and people have been looking for.

Promotes voluntary help for everyone around the world.

Daily and Emergency


緊急時に位置情報を含めた一括連絡を可能にし、 日常および災害時に世界中、どこにいても自分の状況と居場所を知らせることができる安心を提供します。



Allows mass contact, including the location information in the event of an emergency.

Provides safety that you can inform others where you are during daily life and in disaster around the world.

About this Project 

Dr. Sakiko Kanbara

University of Kochi, Faculty of Nursing

2751-1 Ike Kochi, JAPAN


TEL:+81-88-847-8700(main), 8630(DNGL center)

Email: kanbara@cc.u-kochi.ac.jp


About Anytime!



 プロジェクト概要  Project Overview 

多言語 アプリの検証   Anytime! Pilot Project 

  減災マップ   Disaster Mitigation Map 



We really appreciate your participation and feel free to let us know your opinion for improvement.

Expand your holizon


Anytime!は、日常的にSNSを利用していなくても、 充分に必要なときに必要な人と繋がれる可能性を持つため、旅に出るとき、新しい場所での生活をはじめるときに有効なSNSです。


Even if a user does not use SNS on a daily basis, it has the potential to be connected with people as needed, when necessary.

Useful when people go on a trip and start a life in a new location.


このプロジェクトは、文部科学省科学研究基盤研究(B)平時の地域モニタリング機能を有する減災看護モデルの構築(研究代表者 高知県立大学 神原咲子)の一環で、Anytime!を企画・開発している13xborders Inc.と協力し、実施しています。


Kochi Anytime! Pilot Project is being conducted in cooperation with 13xborders Inc., which is producing and developing Anytime!, and is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science under the grant category of research infrastructure Research (B), entitled “Construction of Disaster Mitigation Nursing Model for Community Monitoring during Non-disaster Times (Principal investigator,Kanbara Sakiko, University of Kochi). 

Anytime! is produced and developed by 13xborders Inc.









We are developing a multi- language mitigation communication tool that can be widely used from everyday information exchange to when a disaster occurs !

多言語 減災プロジェクト in 高知

Multilingual Disaster Mitigation Project in Kochi

Anytime!は、2014年2月世界銀行主催 世界防災・減災ハッカソンRace for Resilience発表し、Google 特別賞受賞を受賞した『Real Time Emergency network for foreigners』を進化させた、サービスで、2014年4~6月に開催されたRace for Resilienceの世界大会であるOnline Innovation Challengeにて、世界10チームのFinalistに選ばれました。


Anytime! got Google Special Award as "Real Time Emergency Network for Foreigners"  at World Bank sponsored World Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Hackathon Race for Resilience on Feb.2014.

And elected  as a Finalist, at Race for Resilience Global Competition , Congress of Online Innovation Challenge on June 2014.

More detail of Anytime




 We believe it is necessary for community to
① be accessible in the language and culture familiar with the country of origin of the foreign residents,
② be aware of disaster mitigation and crisis management for everyday as well as at the time of disaster,  
③ be equipped with the latest information and interactive information exchange channel. 

So we provide a disaster prevention map and a smartphone application “Anytime!” which can be used to timely information exchange via messaging threads, and emergency contacts for both day-to-day usages and for emergency. 
And we will validate the usefulness of this application at Anytime! Pilot Project in Kochi.



This interactive disaster mitigation map is developed to show the institute information for disaster mitigation from you addition to Information from the government, such as hazard map. is being produced the map. ( Released in April 2015 )


Kochi Prefecture " Prediction of Seismic Intensity Distribution and Tsunami Inundation  by Nankai Trough Earthquake"(accessed 25. Feb 2015) 

旅に出るとき、新しい場所での生活をはじめるときの不安を解消するAnytime! で、みんなで助け合いましょう!


Anytime is a useful smart phone application which can be used as a Q&A SNS and help to simplify the communication in emergency.





1. 食生活



2. 文化



3. 薬



4. 病院



5. 緊急電話


6. 緊急連絡網

Please use Anytime! for the suggested circumstances in the following:



1.  Meals

I would like to eat ○○I used to have in my home country, How can I?


2. Culture

I got along with him just fine during conversations, but he said I'm sorry so often, Are we friends?

3. Medicine
I have fever. Where can I buy medicine that works for me (safety)?

4. Hospital
Tell me the hospital where the staff understands English.

5. Emergency call
I do not know the number to call for an ambulance.

6. Emergency contact network
to register the person you want to contact in the event of an emergency, you can list three contacts.

Anytime! Pirot Projectにご参加いただくために








How to join the project 


 ・You only need to download the free iOS application “Anytime!” to your iPhone.
・Anybody in Kochi Pref can join this project. Please invite your friends as well!
・You can download and delete Anytime! application freely..

 Anytime!のご紹介  About Anytime!

 利用例  Use Case